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Children should learn the Quran for many reasons. Read about the three most important ones below.

1. Learning Quran can instill values and ethics at a young age

It is always the best time to teach your children proper manners and values. The ultimate foundation for Muslims to live by is the Quran. Often, modern culture focuses more on amassing wealth and selfish pursuits than on following God’s will. But Muslims know that living according to the will of Allah should be above all. Wealth and temporary pleasures may come, but the instructions in the Quran must come first. Early exposure to this fact can be advantageous for children. The question that arises at this point What is Quran Education?

Also, the values of the world are always changing. Governments make new laws, and neighborhoods define what it means to be a good neighbor. The values of the world are changing. According to the Quran, what is socially acceptable one year may be dishonorable the next, whether or not such an act is acceptable to Allah. The constant changes in society can be disturbing for children growing up in such a world.

The Quran can act as an anchor in a storm. When navigating the world begins to feel like a maze, your child can recall the words of the Quran for guidance. When life starts to feel rocky, the teachings of the Quran can serve as a foundation for weathering the storm.

What children learn at a young age affects their lives as they age. This includes the Quran. When your child becomes an adult, they can remember the teachings of the Quran that they learned in their childhood when they need them the most. It can help them in difficult situations. Children can carry the values and morals learned from the Quran into their adult lives, making them better individuals and citizens.

2. Reading and critical-thinking abilities will be improved by Learning Quran

Most literature today is of low quality in terms of the valuable skills it imparts to children. Some mainstream reading materials can hurt children, by using low reading levels and inappropriate messaging. While it’s true that good literature still exists and is still being written, it can be difficult as a parent to know whether the books your child is reading are good for their developing minds…

The best Muslim book you can teach your child is the Quran. Its writing style and language encourage your child’s reading ability to improve. The Quran’s writing surface and presentation of scenarios far exceed what pop culture markets to children. And since the Quran contains instructions for life given by Allah, you know your child is receiving approved material.

It’s also important to note that reading the Quran can help your child develop critical thinking skills in ways that other books simply cannot. The scenarios and teachings recorded throughout the Quran discuss topics that can change a person’s worldview. The lessons discussed in moments of dialogue can lead one’s mind in a new direction, changing the way one perceives and analyze situations. As a result, your child can develop his critical thinking skills by reading and reflecting on the scenarios found in the pages of the Quran.

3. When learning Online Quran, children retain more information than elders do

Above, we mentioned that studying the Quran at a young age can lay a foundation for children that can last well into adulthood. An example of this might be your child remembering an encouraging passage from the Quran that he learned during a difficult time in his childhood. Children learn new skills more effectively than adults, which may explain this phenomenon. This may include the skills of reading, studying, and memorizing the Quran.

Since children have a better ability to retain information than adults, you have a heavy responsibility to ensure that your children are using the best information. You may not be able to control every reading material your children lay their eyes on, but you can make sure they are reading what you know will be their life – the Quran. can have a lasting positive effect. For Muslims, the Quran is the ultimate text for imparting valuable information to your children that they can remember for years to come.

Without a childhood foundation in the Quran, your children may miss out on the important foundational teachings of Islam. Childhood is the time to introduce your child to the Quran so that he can carry this knowledge with him throughout his life. Retaining this important information now will help them in their lifelong journey of becoming better people and living according to the teachings of the Quran.

Is it possible for Childern to Learn Quran Online?

This question can be answered in many ways, but the simplest one could be Yes!. It is now perfectly possible to learn Quran Online. With the advent of modern technology, there are countless Online Quran websites, which teaches Quran according to the ease of the students. However, as far as the proper Tajwid is concerned, unfortunately, there are not many names. Quran Education Online is one of such platforms which teaches Quran not only with the proper Tajwid but also with the best Quality and Trained teachers using the best technology available. Anyone can access to its three days free trail classes to know more about TPI methodology. Here