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Learn Quran with Tajweed

Unlock the Melody of Quranic Excellence: Learn, Recite, and Flourish!

Carefully designed course with daily lesson plans, weekly and monthly assessments.

Tauseef from Netherlands

“I am amazed at the progress my child has made through the Live Quran tutoring provided by the Quran Tajweed Course. The patient and skilled tutors have nurtured my child’s learning journey, instilling confidence and a deep understanding of Tajweed.”

Saba from Karachi

“The TPI & Phonics Based Course offered by the Quran Tajweed Course has transformed my child’s recitation skills. The interactive and engaging lessons have sparked my child’s interest in learning Tajweed, making it a joyful and fruitful experience.”

Zain from United Kingdom

“Activity Based Learning in the Quran Tajweed Course has truly captivated my child’s attention. The creative exercises and hands-on activities have made learning Tajweed enjoyable, allowing my child to apply the rules effectively and excel in their recitation.”

Tayyaba Ali from United Kingdom

“Learning Tajweed with Poems & Rhymes in the Quran Tajweed Course has been a delightful journey for my child. The captivating use of poetic elements has not only made the learning process engaging but has also helped my child remember and apply Tajweed rules effortlessly.”

About The Course

Welcome to our Learn Quran Online platform, where we offer Tajweed based Nazra Quran courses designed specifically for children to learn Quran with Tajweed. Tajweed is the science of reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. Our online courses provide a convenient and effective way for children to enhance their understanding of Tajweed principles. Join us for a journey of spiritual growth and Quranic education tailored for children.

Tajweed for Young & Adult Learners

We will introduce Students to the fundamentals of Tajweed and its significance in Quranic recitation. Our online platform ensures that children can learn Quran with Tajweed in a child-friendly environment, guided by experienced instructors. We will explore engaging teaching methodologies, interactive lessons, and captivating visuals to make the learning experience enjoyable and accessible. By understanding the importance of Tajweed, children will develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and integrity of the Quran.

According to recent research, to learn a new language one should start form learning the sounds of it rather than words. Taking this into consideration and with 20-years of research and development, Character Education Foundation (CEF) has developed this course and syllabus for teaching and learning the Holy Quran. This course of “Nazra Quran” is approved by the Federal Education and Training department, Punjab Quran Board, and the Auqaf Department of the Government of Pakistan.

Our Course is Approved by Multiple Govt.  Bodies

National Curriculum Council (NCC)

Federal Directorate of
Education Islamabad
Vide Letter#

Dated: 30th June 2021.

Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board (PCTB), Lahore.

Vide Letter#


Dated: 20th August 2021.

Directorate of Curriculum & Teachers Education (DCTE), Abbotabad KPK

Vide Letter#

Dated: 15th July 2021.

Directorate of Curriculum Research & Development (DCRD), Muzaffarabad AJK

Vide Letter#


Dated: 23rd April 2021.

The Features 

Unique Teaching Methodology

We have the best learning courses and teaching methodologies on learning of the Holy Quran, Urdu and Islamic Studies.

Trained Tutors

We develop our tutors as facilitators of learning process, so that they can motivate and engage the students for effective learning.

Virtual Classroom

Our online learning platform provides one to one live classes using virtual classroom equipped with video communication.

Female Tutors

To facilitate the teaching of female students, female admin along with the female tutors are placed accordingly

Class Feedback

We aims to ensure quality teaching and learning, for this purpose feedback of every class is shared with the tutor as well as student.

Student Dashboard

Tutor and student dashboards help them to view the classes and their schedule. Booked classes and fee payment history is available.

Mastering Quran Recitation 

At Learn Quran Education Online, we are dedicated to helping children master the art of Quran recitation with Tajweed. Our summer courses provide a structured curriculum that covers proper pronunciation, Arabic phonetics, and the application of Tajweed rules. Through our user-friendly online platform, children will have access to a variety of age-appropriate resources, including interactive games, quizzes, and audio recordings. Our qualified tutors specialize in teaching young learners, ensuring that they receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the course.

Some important aspects of this Nazra Quran Course are as follows:


  1. Alphabets have been grouped according to phonetic similarity.
  2. The concepts of shape, name, and sounds have been explained for all letters.
  3. Arabic words have been used to facilitate the recognition of sounds of alphabets.
  4. Similar sounding alphabets have been given special attention because theirs are the sounds usually mistaken.
  5. The teaching methodology of easy to difficult has been used.
  6. Colorful words and icons have been used.
  7. Interactive exercises and activities have been added at the end of all lessons.

12 Months Duration: Flexible Learning for Children

Our comprehensive Tajweed course spans over a duration of 12 months months, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the world of Quranic recitation. We understand that children may have other commitments throughout this extended period, so our flexible learning approach enables them to access course materials at their convenience. Parents can easily schedule lessons to accommodate their child’s routine, ensuring a well-balanced and personalized learning experience. With just a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, children can embark on this transformative journey from anywhere in the world. Join us for 12 months of meaningful Quranic learning and watch your child’s recitation skills flourish.


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3-Days a Week

 3 Classes in a Week

 13 Classes in a Month

 45 Minutes Class Duration

 One-on-One Teaching

 Flexible Class Time

 Virtual Classroom

5-Days a Week 

  5 Classes in a Week

 20 Classes in a Month

 30 Minutes Class Duration

 One-on-One Teaching

 Flexible Class Time

 Virtual Classroom




Weekend Classes

2 Classes in a Week

60 Minutes Class Duration

One-on-one Teaching

Flexible Class Time

Virtual Classroom


5 Classes in a Week

20-22 Classes in a Month

One-hour Class Duration

One-to-Three Teaching

Convenient Class Time

Virtual Classroom

Our Way of Teaching

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How can I take a free class?
You have to register as a free class student, and we will get back to you with the exact time.
What is the minimum age limit for this course?
Our course is designed to facilitate small children as small as five years old.
How long it will take for my son/daughter to complete Nazra Quran with Tajweed?
Our basic Tajweed course takes six to eight months to complete and then it will be a year for completion.
I have completed the “Nazra Quran” I want to improve my Tajweed; will this course help me?
Yes, this course will help you with your recitation during “Tilawat” by improving your “Tajweed”.